The Klaus Family: A Very Lovely Christmas Fairy Tale with Flemish ADHD Elves

Christmas films do not yet have a Netherlands tradition, although the rise in romantic comedy in recent years has resulted in films that are set around Christmas, such as Take it from my heart (2014) is in All you need is love (2014). In addition, broadcasters return to a large arsenal of American Christmas films, mainly around Christmas.

Netflix wants to change that and that’s why we now have the first Dutch / Flemish Christmas film: Claus family. Director Matthias Tammermans, who has primarily directed the feats of Kabeer Plop, K3 and Mega Mindy Claus family Closely observed American examples. He turned it into a very cute fairy tale with no Christmas clich├ęs left.

The central character is Jules (Moe Bakar), a teenager who hates Christmas because his father died on Christmas Eve last year. A year later, just before Christmas, he moves to a picturesque Belgian city with his sister Noor and his mother Suzanne (Bracha van Doesberg), where – of course, as it is a Christmas film – Snow.

The Christmas spirit is not spent on Jules, but he enjoys spending time in the toy store of his grandfather Noel Claus (Jan Declair). If that name is not a fat allusion to the grandfather’s secret life as Santa Claus, Jan Delair has a bearded appearance. When Jules secretly shakes his grandfather’s mysterious snow globe (‘shaking globe’, according to Grandpa), he ends up in completely different places all over the world and in Santa’s workshop. This is how he discovers the grandfather’s secret: Noel Claus is Santa Claus.

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But when Grandpa’s accident happened, the delivery of the Christmas gift is in danger. Jules must get down on Christmas to his audacity and help Grandpa. For this he is helped by many fictitious people with ADD, who, given his Flemish accent, seem to have fled the jungle of Kabard Plopp.

The family film, which is more Flemish than Dutch in terms of actors, is in keeping with the tradition of the annual Sinterklaas film, in which the delivery of gifts is always in danger. but Claus family Looks very American in particular as all the emotions are boldly turned on and lined with sticky music.

The fact that Jules’ mother works in a biscuit factory, and tries to bring her own ripe merchandise to the attention of a strict director in an equally predictable plot, is justified: the film is also so sugar-sweet The icing jumps for you teeth. The fact that everything will be alright and that Jules is learning to appreciate Christmas again can hardly make a mess.

Younger viewers will have fun along the streets of annoying fairies, but otherwise Claus family Best to relax after Christmas dinner with your mind at zero.

Claus family

The director Matthias Temmarons
Had a meeting Jan Declair, Moe Becker and Bracha van Dosenberg
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