New demonstrations keep leaking from China Intel Core i9-11900Rocket Lake-S is one of the topmost CPUs in the family. Thus we ran into another processor as an engineering sample that ran at base / turbo frequencies 1.80 / 4.40 GHz And all its cores are running at 3.80 GHz. As indicated, the final frequencies of the final model will be approx. 25 percent more, So these standards do not represent actual performance, but it helps to get an idea of ​​what Intel is preparing.

This processor was tested on a motherboard with a chipset Intel B560, Recalling that it is expected next January that these CPUs will be announced with another new generation motherboard that will replicate the LGA1200 socket.

Let’s find out what interests the CineBench benchmark Cinebench r15 This processor achieved single core performance 217 points And multi-core performance 1912 issue, Who gives you On an Intel Core i9-9900K level With the same number of cores (8 + 16 threads, with Skylake microarchitecture), but operating on a base / basis 3.60 / 5.00 GHz.

If we move to a more modern benchmark, we have Cinebench r20, With a mononucleus score of 529 digits And a multiple score of 4672 points. It keeps you very close Intel Core i7-10700 With the same basic configuration but running at base / turbo frequency 2.90 / 4.80 GHz.

Core i9-11900 power consumption Core i9-11900 - Power Consumption Test

Thanks to AIDA’s AVX512 and AVX2 tests, we know that this CPU will consume between 123 and 161W power Based on the test performed, although the TPD of this CPU is determined 65W (PL1 – base frequency) and 224W (PL2) when we talk about squeezing its maximum performance with the turbo in the middle.

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