The Ingenuity drone that landed on Mars is visible from space next to the Perseverance rover!

The HiRISE camera of the US space probe MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) is delighting many Internet users with detailed images of the surface of Mars and shared on its excellent HiPod site (there is a french version,

in this photo Jezero Crater Where did the first 402 Martian days (402 sols) land? Persistence RoverWe can take it apart, not far from at the stop dry river delta which filled this area 3.5 billion years ago, and we also see, not too far away, about 200 meters away, small and efficient drone-helicopter ingenuity who accompanies him! After its 23rd successful flight inAtmosphere The very vulnerable part of the Red Planet continues this extraordinary adventure, always taking small jumps, and staying close to it Nomad With which it reached Mars. Given these successes, NASA has decided to carry on the experiment till September 2022. As a reminder, this is the first time a machine has taken off in the sky of another planet.

The Ingenuity drone-helicopter photographed from afar with the Perseverance Mastcam's zoom after its 5th flight into the Martian air.  © NASA, JPL-Caltech, Arizona
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