The inauguration of an OEEC consulate confirms the Sahara’s growing support for Morocco (M. Bourita)

The inauguration of an OEEC consulate confirms the Sahara's growing support for Morocco (M. Bourita)

Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 04:21 PM

Dakhla – The opening of a consulate representing the six countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) confirmed the growing support for Morocco of the Sahara, said Nasser, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation African and Moroccans living abroad. Underlined burita on Thursday.

“The advantage of this consulate is that it does not represent one country, but the six member states of the OECS (..). confirms the reinforcements,” Borita said during a joint press briefing with the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Roosevelt. Skerrit, this diplomat represented in the intervention after the inauguration

Mr Bourita highlighted the depth of relations between the Commonwealth of Morocco and Dominica and the solid partnership that unites them, since the meeting between the monarch and Mr Skerrit six years ago, under the wise leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

Since that meeting, bilateral relations have experienced very significant developments in all areas, exemplified by both countries’ diverse partnerships in many areas, including agriculture, human development and training, in addition to support and ongoing political dialogue, Mr. said. Borita.

He also noted the special nature of Mr. Skerrit’s visit to the city of Dakhla, in particular, and to the Moroccan Sahara, in general, a visit with a special symbolism marked by the opening of a consulate for the member states of the OECS.

The minister said the visit is also very important because of the signing of the cooperation roadmap for the next three years, acknowledging the personal support of the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, who was “decisive” in strengthening the Moroccan presence. Caribbean.

Mr. Skerritt’s personal and continued position in favor of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity and its sovereignty over its Sahara is “clear from day one” and expressed at all regional organizations and at the United Nations level, stressed Mr. Bourita.

In this regard, he emphasized that the residents of the region are witness to this united and clear position, as they have participated more than once in 24 workshops organized by the United Nations in the Caribbean region, highlighting Mr. Skerritt’s unequivocal support. has been inserted. To reject all allegations relating to the participation of the representatives of the Southern Provinces in these meetings as well as the representation of the residents of these regions.

The Minister said that he discussed with Mr. Skerrit the means to strengthen cooperation through this Consulate between Morocco and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), which includes 14 countries in the Caribbean region, including working with the Prime Minister. possibility is mentioned. The idea of ​​creating a forum between Morocco and CARICOM like the Moroccan-Pacific Forum held in Laeune three years ago.

It was in this context that cooperation between the 14 CARICOM Member States and the Kingdom, through intervention, could constitute a lever to develop relations in various fields, depending on the very positive bilateral relations with these countries, it recalled. Having said that today out of 14 countries in this regional grouping out of 12, Morocco has changed its position on the question of Sahara.

Mr. Bourita felt it necessary to emphasize a common platform for action and cooperation between Morocco and these 14 countries in the fields of agriculture, fishing, tourism and training.

“This is an important step in our bilateral relations, and it is also an important step for the development of cooperation between the Kingdom of Morocco and the countries of the region”, he concluded.

The opening ceremony took place notably in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Relations with the Diaspora of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Kenneth Darroux, Ambassador Director General of Wali, Lamin Benomar, Dakhla-Oued Adahab Region. In addition to the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI), Mohamed Methkal, local officials and elected officials.

Some 24 countries have so far opened diplomatic representations in the Kingdom’s southern provinces.

Upon intervention, the Consulate General of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States will go side-by-side with the republics of Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Djibouti, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (DRC).

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