The identified version exists in 70 countries in the United Kingdom, announces WHO

It keeps growing. The number of countries and territories that have identified the version of Kovid-19 in the United Kingdom is now 70, with more than 10 on Monday, 25 January, compared to 12 January, WHO declared on Wednesday 27 January. As for the variant identified in South Africa, which is much more infectious than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, the British also keep on spreading. It is now present in 31 countries as compared to 23 to 12 January.

Studies are underway worldwide to determine the causes of “more infectious”VOC-202012/01 “. But uncertainty still reigns at its dangerous level. On 22 January, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the British version also appeared to be more deadly. But scientists have noted that data eliminating the malignancy of this variant by 30 to 40% more than classic viruses is limited.

The variants are different versions of the original coronovirus, which appear over time as a result of different mutations. A common occurrence in the life of a virus. Several mutations in SARS-CoV-2 have been observed since its appearance, the vast majority without consequence. However, some may give it an advantage for its existence, including greater communication.

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