The house where the killed family used the fire pit only a few meters away was the father

The house where the killed family used the fire pit only a few meters away was the father

A Michigan man said he started a fire in a burrow pit just a few meters from his family’s home, which killed his wife and three children of the couple.

38-year-old Robert Scales faced involuntary manslaughter four times in a February fire at the Grand Rapids, who killed 35-year-old Wanedia Scales, 35-year-old children, 15-year-old Xavier Woldeab, 10-year-old Elijah Scales and 14-year-old Robert Scales Jr., WOOD-TV reports.

Saying that he was working during the February 5 fire, Libra admitted that he had started a fire in a burrow pit about 6 meters from the previous night, and the police wrote with the confirmation of a possible cause.

Fire investigators said that the fire spread to the house, where a bed was placed between the fire pit.

A man told the researchers that he was with the Scales while burning the leaves in the Pit, but left the house at 19:00. According to affidavit, I did not see any beds near the fire pit on February 4.

The police said, “He told Robert that he needed to take a bigger pit and get him out of the house.”

The pit is only six meters from the house and eight meters from a detached garage, reports.

Meanwhile, relatives told WOOD-TV that Libra, who surrendered to the police late last week, had set the fire intentionally and asked for additional charges in the deadly fire.

Just five months ago, Wanedia Scales sought a personal protection order against her husband, alleging that she threatened to “burn the house” with her in the report.

The scales were also reported to accuse her husband of destroying their homes and threatening to harm her.

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“I’m begging you,” Wanedia Scales wrote in the disapproved request. “I’m afraid of my life. I don’t know what else to do. I need help, please. “

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