The health situation remains “very problematic” according to the hospital center’s director Christophe Robert, who calls for “solidarity”.

The health situation in Guyana remains the same “very problematic”Franceinfo Christophe Robert, director of the Cayenne Hospital Center in Guyana, said on Thursday, September 23, While the department is deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the incidence rate of 498 cases per 100,000 residents and the hospitalization rate increased on September 21 Is. According to the regional health agency.

position is “Very tense, as we are approaching the top of the wave”, insists Christoph Robert. Cayenne Hospital Receives “All Transfers” from the rest department and is “fully satisfied”. the establishment runs “99% of its potential”, which produces “Unbearable Expectations in the Emergency Room”.

Therefore the director of the hospital center appealed “For the Solidarity of the Allies in Metropolitan France”, because he has to face the lack of“About thirty nurses”. To be able to open the extra bed, Christoph Robert assesses the needs “70 Health Professionals” In addition to this.

for 20 months, “We’re shooting with an employee who is exhausted, who works overtime”, warns the director of the Cayenne Hospital Center.

“We’ve got a lot of wear and tear, a lot of sick leave that needs to be replaced at short notice. It gets very complicated.”

Christophe Robert, director of the Cayenne Hospital Center in Guyana

for franceinfo

While waiting for reinforcements, Cayenne Hospital begins to discuss “sorting” Patient, “An Option We Consider When We Have Other Solutions”. there is one “moral reflection” who does “To define the criteria. We will have no choice”.

Christoph Robert also wants to encourage vaccination. In Guyana, the rate is “The Weakest in France”. Thursday, “30.3% of those over 12” There is a complete vaccination course. and on the nursing staff, “50%”, have received at least one first injection, specifies Christoph Robert. “it’s incomprehensible”, laments the owner of the hospital. he is facing a “Phenomena we no longer understand”. it provokes one “Distrust of the Population”. “We are far from the target”, notes Christoph Robert.

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