The head of a Russian hypersonic weapons program arrested by the Secret Service – RT DE

12 August 2021 19:09

The head of the Russian hypersonic weapons program Alexander Kuranov was arrested today by the Russian Secret Service (FSB). He is suspected of forwarding military secrets to foreign recipients.

The Russian Secret Service (FSB) today arrested the director of the Russian aerospace company NIGS, which works on behalf of the Russian government. Alexander Kuranov is said to have sent sensitive information about military high-tech projects to foreign bodies.

Russian news agency TASS Reported on Thursday that the head of NIGS was being held by the FSB. The press service of the court in the Lefortovo district of Moscow confirmed a little later that the public prosecutor’s office would initially detain Kuranov for two months while charges of high treason were being prepared.

A Secret Service source reported to the Russian news agency interfaxThat, according to the current state of knowledge, Kuranov gave confidential information about new developments in hypersonic technology to a citizen of another country. Another person with background in the matter said that NIGS is working on hypersonic aircraft which is capable of traveling at many times faster than the speed of sound.

The company has signed contracts with the Russian government for various defense projects. According to information from NIGS, it includes “research and experimental work on development of new generation hypersonic and space systems”.

Just a day after the arrest, a British security guard at the UK Embassy in Berlin was arrested on suspicion of espionage. It is said to have sent confidential material to Russia.

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