The HBO Max Miniseries That Will Remind You of Dark and Black Mirror

Science fiction is full of movies and series that have become essential for fans of the genre. Talking about the small screen, there are two series that have become the most popular place in the last decade. in one hand, black Mirror, which first appeared on UK television and was later acquired by Netflix, which produced more seasons and one film, and another, Darkness, the platform’s first original German series, launched in 2017 and is considered one of its best titles.

Whereas black Mirror is responsible for explaining how humans relate to technology and, as he explained look who i got Your Chief Decorator, Joel CollinsShows a picture of a particular moment in the life of an individual or community, Darkness Relied more on time loops and the end of the world. Although it is difficult to compare the two productions and decide which of the two is better, there is a mini-series. hbo max Which acts as a kind of synthesis between the two.

this is years years, created by fantasy Russell T. Davis, which focuses on a family to show how the years pass in the UK (and around the world) because of advances in technology. just like Darkness, this production has a completely apocalyptic approach. At the same time, as seen in the seasons of black Mirror, pauses to show how things like virtual reality and social media are changing human behavior.

the aspect that sets it apart years years The rest is a politician by imagination. Production of Davis The message goes further and questions the behavior of the political class as a satire. In this sense, he was able to anticipate the wave of right-wing parties that had begun to rule the world (even before they arrived). Donald Trump), as the arrival of deep scythes, but showing their dangers to the political world.

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what are the chances of seeing another season of years and years

In-spite of this years years There is a definite ending, one would think that there is room for the story to continue. Today, most fiction is treated as sagas or franchises and, failing that a new season, they evolve with spin-offs. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case I’ve seen in production. hbo max Since, according to the actress Tania Miller in an interview with look who i got, Feather Davis He doesn’t like to think about his series in more than one season.

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