The Halo TV series will release in 2022 and its trailer will be at the Game Awards. Xbox one

Xbox celebrated its 20th anniversary with a small showcase during which we suspected we’d have news of the Halo series. After a short teaser of less than 30 seconds, we learn that a longer trailer will be presented at the Game Awards 2021 convention.

«Hello, Master Chief»

A hand in armor, the inscription “117” and a figure covering his head with a helmet. No doubt, this is Master Chief, the protagonist of the famous Halo series from Xbox. A few seconds later, when the Master Chief’s visor appears on the screen, a voice saying “Hello Master Chief” is heard. The video only lasts fifteen seconds, but it has the merit to feature the first images from the Halo TV series we’ve been talking about for months.

It’s confirmed again: the series will be released in 2022 and shown at greater length at the Game Awards on December 9, 2021, as confirmed by Kiki Wolfkill, Transmedia’s head of Halo.

We plan to release the first trailer at the Game Awards – so December 9th really aims to give people a pretty powerful taste of what the series will be like.

See you on December 9th on Xboxygen!

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