The government is taking strict action in view of the spread of the virus.

As the pandemic progresses, New Caledonia is tightening confinement, especially for non-essential businesses, and a curfew will be in place on Tuesday. Now the risk of infection has increased significantly.

Within 24 hours, 265 to 565 positive cases were reported in New Caledonia. 50 people are now hospitalized in a unit dedicated to the virus, and 6, all without vaccinations, are in intensive care.

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The spread is accelerating and the Caledonian government, which wants to limit contacts, has revised the order on containment. “Government has decided to restrict the list of businesses authorized to receive visitors”, announced Yannick Slamet, the government spokesman in charge of health.

By extension, this includes auto equipment and agricultural spare parts businesses, car and machine rental and temporary employment agencies. There are also computer shops, newspapers and newspapers.

New Caledonia: facing manifold cases the government is tightening the screws

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“These businesses may continue their activities on the basis of return of order or delivery, as with all others”, the government spokesperson continues.

On the health front, the government has announced that PCR tests for confirming antigen testing are not used for early detection of positive cases.

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