The government is ‘looking to expand to other cities in Nottinghamshire’ due to the delay in level 3 reports.

Details of a Tier 3 deal for Nottingham, Gadling, Broxo and Rushcliff have been delayed because government ministers are “looking to expand it to other cities in Nottinghamshire”.

It was initially understood that the Department of Health and Social Services would make an announcement tonight (October 27) with a detailed description of what the Tier 3 restrictions would mean for these regions.

This, however, was not due to delays in confirmation and fine-print from the government.

Council leaders say the lack of clarity has made them “violent and treacherous”.

Now, according to Lillian Greenwood, an MP from Nottingham South, the delay is because ministers now want to “expand Tier 3 to other boroughs”.

Ashfield District Council leader Jason Zadroznio also confirmed with MS Greenwood that a meeting would be held on Wednesday, October 26 at 9am.

It is now known that this meeting will discuss the current situation in other areas of the county, especially in areas such as Ashfield and Mansfield as the rate of infection continues to rise.

Speaking to Nottinghamshire Live, Mrs Greenwood said: “It’s been an incredibly frustrating day for everyone in Nottingham.

“Yesterday we were told that we are going to Tier 3 on Thursday after 24 hours and people still don’t know what it means, traders can’t plan, people don’t know if they will work or not.”

“The government has not yet provided information that explains why additional restrictions are needed or how these restrictions are needed. Public confidence is being eroded by their unfortunate communication.

“The announcement seems to have been delayed because ministers now want to increase Tier 3 to other bores of note – as I and others have been saying for a long time.

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“Again this government is delaying and delaying – and our components in our cities, our hospitals and local businesses are paying the price.”

Councilor Jadrojani added: “I had a phone call with Chris Pincher, who asked for all the leaders. [of each council] To hold a meeting tomorrow at 9am to brief us on some of the health statistics.

“I suspect something is coming. By ten-thirty we should know. My understanding is they probably want to change that and add all of us.”

“They have already discussed the financial packages for the county council, all that remains to be done is to map out.”

It is currently understood that Tier 3 restrictions will still be imposed on Thursday 00.01, but it remains unclear how these restrictions will affect businesses and residents at the local level.

A joint statement from local leaders in Nottingham, Gadling, Broxto, Rushcliffe and the larger county said:

“We look forward to receiving assurances from the government about their progress in enacting the necessary legislation for Nottingham, Broxto, Gadling and Rashcliffe.

“Initially, we will publish details of support arrangements and packages.”

Local leaders, including Councilor John Clark, described the deal as “good” and said the 28-day limit was for mental health.

However, Rashcliffe Borough Council leader Simon Robinson said the bans probably did not go too far.

He also mentioned the possibility of limiting the sale of alcohol from off-license for the entire duration of the Tier 3 lockdown.

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