The Google TV app is coming to Belgium, but not in the Netherlands yet

The Google TV app is coming to Europe. Belgium, among others, will receive a replacement for the Play Movies & TV app, but the Netherlands has yet to do so.

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Google TV for Belgium

Google will release the Google TV app in 14 new countries in the coming weeks. Belgium is included, but the Netherlands is not yet. Remarkable, as it is not often that new technology is released in this way for the first time in its southern neighbours.

Google TV is also coming to France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. It is not clear why the Netherlands is not yet among them.

Google TV replaces the Play Movies & TV app on Android. Through Google TV, you can not only watch the movies and series that Google offers through its store, but can also watch content from other streaming services like Netflix.

What is completely new is that the Google TV app will have a remote control function. It allows you to control the television through your smartphone. For example, you can switch to another streaming service, control the volume, and call up Google Assistant. The television can also be turned on through the app, so you no longer need an additional remote control.

Google TV and the new Chromecast

Google TV is also used as software for the latest Chromecast. Since the Google TV app isn’t yet available in the Netherlands, the new Chromecast isn’t. It is not yet clear whether the new Chromecast will be available in Belgium anytime soon.

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If you buy the new Chromecast through an unofficial route, the system can also be used with most Dutch apps in the Netherlands. Still, not everything works well. For example, Smart Content Suggestions per streaming service doesn’t work yet. Learn more about the new Chromecast in our Chromecast 2020 review.

Chromecast with Google TV: Getting Started with the New Streaming Gadget

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