The Gers: 2017-2022, the beautiful return of Occitan Rugby

As RC Auch Federal prepares for its trip to Florac this Sunday, 24 April for the Round of 16 first leg of the championship, take a look at the past 4 seasons that have marked the club’s revival.

Soccer players are well aware of this phenomenon that occurs from time to time, whereby the score shifts from an almost disappointing result to an unexpected result. PSG will be a specialist at their expense. If we are to believe the Woakes populi of the goal ball, they call it “Remontada”. It is less common in rugby as some matches are played back and forth. So, if you want to have a feel that provides that much vibration, you have to rely on performance over a season or even over a long period of time.

At the core of the event, there is a click, an outburst of pride that makes skeptics lie. This rebound occurs when an individual, a group, finds itself at the bottom of the wave and has no choice but to conduct its own resurgence. This strength comes from the depths of uncertainty, from a deep disarray to make it a force of victory. Without weapons, without medicine, failure crossed the gentle daydream to give leaders the resources to emerge in 2017.

“It’s not the destination but the road that matters”

Knowing the Honor Division, having been loved by the treasurers of these clubs and hated by their supporters, played the grounds of Julien, Pleasance, Ourbelly, etc., because the rich man they had mistakenly assumed was The poor, rugby came to bully the Occitan. Its name RCA thus began its revival, its “Remontada”. There was Fédérale 3, its stellar season and the title of French champion, then Fédérale 2 and an increase in a season cut short by the pandemic. Finally Federal 1 over two years, the first year canceled by Covid and this last season in 2021-2022 with the fourth climb in four full seasons.

Occitans will travel to Florac this Sunday, April 24, for the first round of Phase 16 of Federal 1.

Occitans will travel to Florac this Sunday, April 24, for the first round of Phase 16 of Federal 1.
DDM – DDM Nedir Debiche

This season, RCA finished second in Pool 4 (81.28 points), the strongest behind AS Fleurence (83 points). Now promoted to National 2, a new championship that will see the light of day next season and will bring together 24 teams, the Occitan club is preparing to face the club of Florac (Gironde) in the Round of 16 of the Federal 1 Championship. Is. Joe is third with 83 points in Pool 1 behind Périgueux (95) and Niort (92).

The first leg will take place this Sunday 24 April at 3:30 pm in Florac, at the Jean-Raymond Gion Stadium, with the return match being scheduled for Saturday 30 April or Sunday 1 May in Ouch. These eighth rounds promise to be a party, but also a challenge that the “red and white” boys of Menacorsca, Bosque and Laforgue love. Because in the end, perhaps, a ticket to the national, reserved for the two finalists of Fédérale 1. Who knows, the road is wide open and as the gypsies say: “It is not the destination but the road that matters” to make it more exciting, more ambitious.

Review of potential youth in RCA

The RCA was formed under the leadership of the pilot of the plane, Philipp Ducoso, with the assistance of Siegfried Vandekarkopf and coaches from the youth categories of Occitan Rugby, on Saturday 23 April a task force review was conducted for players aged 12 to 17. , Interested in rugby or not, youth from all over the department can discover the oval ball during this day. Saturday, 23 April is held as follows: from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Boys born in 2009 and 2010 (U14) as well as girls born between 2005 and 2008 (U18). The afternoon will be dedicated to boys born in 2007-2008 (U16) and 2005-2006 (U18). Registration and information with RC Auch are on or at [email protected] or on the club’s website at Young Gersois, Oscitanes and their parents all know the quality of Oscitane training given by national and international players who have gone through the ouch.

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