The “Genius of Science” under your tree!

Because science is written with a whole bunch of tiny hands. But also springs from the spirit of great genius, Futura just launched a new collection of products featuring the image of some of these extraordinary spirits. An inspiring collection that can help you find bright ideas for your Christmas gifts.

This year, as the end of the year draws near, Futura invites you to discover its new collection “Genius of Science”, T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and even bags feature some of the greatest minds of our time. NS Leonardo Divinci To Marie Curie passing by Isaac Newton And hedy lamre, there is something for every taste. A great gift idea for flying Santa Claus.

Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest “Genius of Science”

Leonardo Divinci (1452-1519). He was a painter, musician, writer. In short, an artist at heart. But engineers, anatomists and more botanist, An accomplished scientist. Do you know that we are indebted to him for this idea? parachute , But also, it seems, that Bicycle Out of which he made the first sketch in 1493.

an extraordinary personality. Which sums up the vitality of his mind in these few words included in the articles of the collection. “Genius of Science” , “Knowing how to listen means, apart from yourself, Brain other. , Undoubtedly a lesson in humility to meditate this holiday season…

Isaac Newton, that “Genius of Science”»whose feet were on the ground

“I looked further than the others as I sat on the shoulders of giants” , explains the famous Isaac Newton (1642–1727). A quote that can be found on the collection’s products “Genius of Science” In the image of the man who especially developed the theory of universal gravitation.

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with another, inspired by famous physicist, and who calls us “Put your feet on the ground.” Will any of these products end up at your feet Cedar in a few weeks?

Marie Curie, that “Genius of Science” who was not afraid of anything

And in these sometimes a little troublesome times, collections “Genius of Science” Also allows us to remember that comment, oh how enlightening! Luminous Marie Curie (1859–1906): “In life nothing is to be feared, everything is to be understood.” A few words to underline a picture, speaking of at least two recipients Nobel Prize – Sorry a little: one in physics, for his work on radioactivity, and the other in chemistry, for his research radioactive and on radium.

The perfect Christmas gift to inspire the next generation.

hedy lamar, that “Genius of Science” what you would like to find

Heidi Lamar (1914-2000). you don’t know him? yet he is one of them Woman whose collection “Genius of Science” could not do without. An extraordinary course. From the cinema set to the invention of the means of encoding transmission. A theory still used today to position satellites, for example, in or technology wi-fi,

“I love people, but I realize that the more I give to them, the less I get the other way.”This is a quote from Heidi Lamar included under her portrait on the collection’s products. “Genius of Science”, This Christmas time, it’s up to all of us to tell him a lie…

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