The Galaxy Z Fold 2 durability test reveals major corrections and permanent errors

Samsung Galaxy Z2 Teardown Durability Test Fold

  • JerryRigriving puts Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 under a durability test.
  • Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
  • Although the display is as fragile as ever.

If you want an example of how Samsung’s foldable phone technology has evolved, you don’t need to look anymore. JerryRigriving (aka Jack Nelson) has put the Galaxy Z Fold 2 through a durability test, and it clearly shows that the hinges are much more reliable than the original fold – although the same cannot be said for the internal display.

Unlike the first folds, which are prone to rapid dirt, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has an elastic hinge that continued to function properly even after covering the earth. Nelson did not adopt the firmness that has already been seen in the Galaxy Z flip that keeps the occupants clean. You may not want to be reckless, but you can probably keep the phone in your pocket for fear that the dust will ruin your 2,000 gems.

It is also particularly strong. Despite his best efforts to bend the phone back, Nelson was unable to snatch the hinges.

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The durability test is not on the internal Galaxy Z Fold 2 display please. It’s still easy to scratch even with a finger nail. You may want to leave the guardian, as this may be your only defense against any expensive replacement. Even if you don’t slow down that you’ll ruin the display, you’ll want to be gentle. The exterior display (which uses Gorilla Glass Victus) you will find as scratch-resistant as at least in many other modern phones.

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Nelson added that the fingerprint reader made on the power button was “peeked” into the top form and quickly became unreliable after taking some scratches.

The test suggests that Samsung has made great strides in durability with the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but it is still limited in the number of foldable displays. It remains a device for beginners – it’s just too close to bring Samsung foldables into the mainstream.

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