The fourth wave of Kovid overtook Macron and Johnson

For the World Health Organization, Europe is the epicenter of the fourth wave (map here). A “tsunami” of cases that hasn’t been seen for months and is bringing the entire EU to its knees, where, in the absence of a common strategy, everyone fends for himself. Emergency from where Germany seems to be recovering, where the lockdown for the non-vaccinated launched by the chancellor Olaf ScholzoGiving more results than expected.

In and around Berlin, there has, in fact, been a sharp drop in cases, which were only 13,908 yesterday, compared to the nearly 100 thousand recorded a few weeks ago, with an incidence of 69 per 100 thousand residents in seven days. than deaths. It has fallen to 222.7 cases. These are encouraging figures that confirm that the decision to lockdown only for the illiterate, however painful, has proved to be a winner.

French move. If Germany heaves a sigh of relief, they are not doing as well as France and Britain. Precisely the situation in Paris seems to be out of control, so much so that a meeting of the Health Defense Council is scheduled in the Elysee in the next few hours to discuss additional measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and in particular The new Omicron version. , The data, moreover, tightened, noting that France has passed the threshold of 100 thousand daily infections.

Thus . the government of Emmanuel Macron (pictured) Thinking about introducing the obligation to wear an outdoor mask and evaluating a Super Green pass based on Italian. It ain’t even better with the prime minister in the UK boris johnson Which, despite suffering Omicron’s impact weeks earlier than the rest of Europe, is considering implementing new restrictions. According to local media, this pressure will have an impact on pubs and restaurants, for which it is being envisaged to impose curfew again.

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But the emergency is so severe, with more than 100 thousand infections a day, that many people in and around London are considering extending the holidays for students. A measure, however, not convincing Prime Minister Johnson, is not intended to postpone the resumption of teaching unless there is a different opinion from the control room monitoring Omicron’s progress.

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