The former head of US election security has called Trump’s allegations of fraud “intimidating.” US election 2020

Donald Trump and his allies are “undermining democracy” with unproven claims of fraud and conspiracy, the former head of US election security said Sunday, discussing his leadership efforts before the president fired him.

“What I saw was a clear attempt to undermine confidence in the election, to confuse the public, to intimidate the public,” Chris Krebs told CBS Min0 Minute.

Trump Is called The interview is “ridiculous, one-sided [and] An international joke “, he continued, claiming conspiracy theories and baseless allegations of electoral abuse.

Trump lost the electoral college to Joe Biden in 306-232, the result of which he said was a landslide when it was in Hillary Clinton’s favor in 2016. Americans, any presidential candidate.

Trump reluctantly allowed the transition to proceed but did not concede defeat, although his party won a lawsuit related to the election and 39 lost.

Expressing baseless claims to reporters during the Thanksgiving holiday, the president said he would leave the White House once the electoral college was confirmed in Biden’s favor. It voted on December 14, a result approved on January 6. Opening day is January 20th.

Two weeks after election day, Krebs, 43, was fired as head of the Homeland Security’s cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency (CISA). Two days later, Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, held a news conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington in which he and then-party member Sidney Powell pushed Trump’s false claims.

“It was depressing,” Krebs told CBS.

“It’s not me, it’s not just lead. It had thousands of election workers there who had been working non-stop for 18 hours for months. They are receiving death threats for trying to conduct elections, one of our core democratic institutions. And it was, again to me, a press conference that বোঝ doesn’t make sense. What it was actively doing was undermining democracy. And it’s dangerous.

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Trump Tweeted In response, it was part of a stream of Sunday night messages.

“There is no foreign power that is reversing the vote,” Krebs said. “No domestic actor is going back to the polls. I did it right. We fixed it. It was a safe choice. ”

Trump’s lawyers claim the intervention from Venezuela or China is “ridiculous”, he said, adding that “the American people should have 100% confidence in their vote.”

Polling shows that most Republicans trust the president. Krebs defended state officials who were targeted by Trump and later his supporters.

“I think it’s happening right now with all the death threats to election officials, state secretaries,” Krebs said.

“I want everyone to look at the secretary [Kathy] Bookver, Secretary in Pennsylvania [Jocelyn] Benson, Secretary of Michigan [Barbara] Segavaske in Nevada, Secretary [Katie] Hubs of Arizona is all about powerful women who are standing up, who are under attack from all sides, and who are defending democracy. They are doing their job.

“See Secretary [Brad] Georgia’s Raffensperger is a lifelong Republican. He put the country in front of the party for holding a free and fair election in this state. There are some real heroes. There are some real patriots. ”

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