The first plane tree has been planted in Georgstrasse

1900.  around Georgstrasse

1900. around Georgstrasse

To restore Georgstrasse to the character of a boulevard, Mayor Herbert Schmalsteig planted the first of 58 plain trees on November 27, 1978.

The picture postcard, with consecutive issue 681 from Friedrich Astolz Jr., who reproduced the photo using colotype printing, shows Georgstrae circa 1900. The photographer’s location was Goethestrae at the level of the Reitwallstrae coming from the left (with the kiosk in the middle of the street) above the advertisement for “Julius Kaufmann & Co” with the shop “August Gobelhof, Heeren-Haute” in the foreground to the right of the corner. The building marks the former home of Georgstrasse 3. The entire three-legged block picture at right, on which is the wall ad for “Mobel Fabric … Wellhausen” for Goethestrae 2. To the left of the already electrified tram is the restaurant “Hamburger Buffet” …

Georgstrasse is the main shopping street in the capital of Lower Saxony. The nearly one kilometer long road follows George III. Named, 1760 Elector of Braunschweig-L√ľneburg (“Kurhanover”) as well as King of Great Britain and Ireland or King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (since 1801) and from 1814 the first King of Hanover in personal union.

Georgstrae stretches from Steintor to Georgsplatz on central Kropke Square, which turns into Egidientorplatz. The western half between Steintor and Kropke is the most important shopping street in the city center as a pedestrian zone, the other half with the Opera House and the GOP Variety Theater with high-end shops making a lovely promenade.

The section between the Opera House and Georgsplatz on a broad green area houses monuments to Louis Stromeyer, Karl Karmarsh and Heinrich Marshner. The Memorial to the Jewish Victims of National Socialism by Michelangelo Pistoletto, inaugurated in 1994, is also located here.

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