The first discovery of the “well of hell”

The end of the mystery of Barhout’s well, nicknamed the “Well of Hell”, an underground cavity that opens from a round and dark hole 30 meters in diameter in the desert of Al-Mahra, east of Yemen. A team of Omani linguists finally explored it in its entirety this summer, discovering a cave 112 meters deep and 116 meters wide on the ground. Water springs protrude from its walls, while gray and green cave pearls and stalagmites are covered below.

“Strange Things”…

In 2020, Yemeni geological officials had already ventured there to a depth of only fifty metres, and came back seeing “strange things”… the place actually had a sulphurous image with the locals, as it Was reputed to harbor evil. Brilliant. An imagery reinforced by the smell of a fetus escaping from the abyss. Omani researchers eventually found only frogs, snakes and beetles, as well as animal carcasses, that could explain the smells reported by the population.

this article. Was taken from Science and Avenir – Research n ° 897, date November 2021

More than 100 similar caves in the area

This type of training is found elsewhere in the region, particularly in Oman. These giant craters are caused by the dissolution of limestone by runoff flows filled with groundwater and salt, a phenomenon that has continued for millions of years. The team of speleologists, led by Omani geologist Mohamed Al Kindi, thus identified more than 100 similar caves in the neighboring Sultanate of Oman and mapped them in 3D. Water and soil samples taken from the Barhout well, which are being analyzed, should make it possible to estimate its age and reconstruct its history.

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