The first 53 cases, the other 20 in Israel. “It Could Get More Violent”

Great Britain For the first time since December 21, fewer than 100 thousand cases per day return, so much so that in London we return to say goodbye to the Green Pass. However, to launch the first alarm on the sub-version of omicron The United Kingdom’s Health Protection Agency, which warned on Friday that it had detected 53 sequences of a sub-lineage of Omicron called BA.2, which has been talked about since December, is Explaining that it will be carefully monitored. Because after that the first 53 cases have already come Israel 20 were detected during genetic sequencing of covid patients. “This variant has more mutations than Omicron and – according to Business Standard – could be more violent.” Although scientists are concerned about the new sub-version – reads the British tabloid – little is known about its dangers.

Sub-version BA.2 was first detected in China a few weeks ago, although experts suspect the origin of the mutation is . happened in India, Cannes state media reported that the sub-version was also seen in Denmark, Australia, Canada and Singapore.

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Omicron BA.2 Sub-Version

The sub-version Omicron BA.2 has already been mentioned in Great Britain since last December, so much so that it was defined as Omicron 2. Mutations shared with the “primary” omicron (ba.1) were indistinguishable from PCR tests used to data the prevalence of omicron in the world. The Times of India had explained that this specific sub-version was involved in about 80% of the cases in the city of Calcutta.

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