The fight between Buckingham Palace and Harry and Meghan intensified, with the ‘firm’ also under attack

“It’s serious now,” writes BBC royalty reporter Johnny Diamond. “It is clear that they are not limiting their criticism to the British media, which they explicitly withhold, but they are also targeting the royal family.”

Or, in the words of ITV Channel’s Royal House reporter Chris Ship: “It all sounds a lot worse than expected.”

NOS correspondent Tim De Witt says Oprah’s interview is seen by Buckingham Palace as a declaration of war. “Mahal fears that the couple will hang out their dirty laundry. It is feared that Meghan will reveal that life has been made impossible within the royal family.”

Break is final

Although Harry had never made a secret of his dislike of the magnifying glass under which he spends his life, the rift between him and the Royals last year came as a huge surprise. In January, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their intention to lead a different life, mainly outside the UK. He no longer sought a prominent place within the royal family and allied financial dependence.

After discussion with the queen, it was decided that the two would think about their intention for a year. The period ended last month, after which Queen Elizabeth finalized Harry and Meghan’s farewells and ended the royal relationship with them.

Both will never work for Taj again. Buckingham Palace said, “While everyone is saddened by their decision, the Duke and Duchess are dear members of the family.”

‘Toxic British Press’

He had no choice, Harry said about it last year and then fell silent. Only last week he revealed more in an interview with his friend and TV host James Corden.

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Harry had to leave the country because the “toxic” British press put his mental condition at risk. “I did what every husband or father used to do: I had to get my family out of there.”

Harry was driving a double-decker bus through Los Angeles with James Corden:

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