The European Union presents its “zero pollution” action plan

The European Commission on Wednesday adopted the European Union’s “Zero Pollution” Action Plan, which is part of the Green Deal for Europe.

Entered “Towards Zero Pollution in Air, Water and Soil”, this action plan defines a unified vision for 2050, which aims to reduce pollution to levels that are no longer harmful to health. Human and Natural Ecosystems.

According to the EU executive, the plan combines all relevant EU policies with particular emphasis on using digital solutions to combat pollution.

In particular, modifications of relevant EU laws are planned to identify the remaining gaps and areas where better implementation is needed to meet these legal obligations, underlines the Commission.

“The Green Deal aims to build a healthier planet for all. To benefit the planet and its people from an environment free of toxins, we must act now. This plan will guide our efforts in this direction. News Green already available technologies can help reduce pollution and provide new business opportunities. Similarly, Europe’s efforts to rebuild a cleaner, fair and more sustainable economy should support the achievement of zero pollution ambitions “” Said the Executive Vice President of the European Executive. Green Deal for Europe, France Timmermans.

To help the EU achieve its 2050 goal of building a healthier planet for healthy people, the Action Plan sets major targets for 2030 to reduce pollution at the source relative to the current situation.

These objectives essentially involve improving air quality to reduce the number of premature deaths caused by atmospheric pollution by up to 55%, as well as plastic waste in the ocean, (by 50%) and water released into microplastics. Quality can be reduced. Environment (by 30%)

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The EU’s action plan aims to improve soil quality by reducing nutrient loss and the use of chemical pesticides by up to 50% and reducing ecosystems in the EU where air pollution increases by 25% goes. Biodiversity.

It is also a matter of reducing waste generation and reducing residual municipal waste by 50%.

According to a recent report by the European Environment Agency (EEA), more than 400,000 premature deaths (especially those associated with cancer) in the European Union, are responsible for ambient air pollution every year, and 48,000 of ischemic heart disease Cases, as well as 6.5 million chronic sleep disturbances, are attributed to noise, not other illnesses to both.

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