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United States: Record money for Democrats in Georgia for Senate elections

In the United States, even if a presidential election is passed, even if Donald Trump refuses to recognize his defeat, other elections are pending in January and not least. Senator elections for Georgia will be held on 5 January. A ballot that could allow the Democratic Party to gain a majority in the Senate if coincidentally its candidates prevail and therefore benefit from a majority in both congressional boards. This is unheard of in the history of local elections in the United States: Four candidates for Senate elections in Georgia have managed to raise more than $ 340 million to finance their campaign. It is specifically two Democratic candidates that make this possible. To reach such a figure. John Ospho, for example, managed to raise over $ 106 million in two months, mainly through small donations, while his rival David Perdue peaked at $ 68 million. Second Democratic candidate for second seat. Georgia State Senate Rafael Warnak has received Kyle Loaf, $ 40 million from his opponent, about $ 40 million. Towards the victory of Democrats? Records that do not guarantee victory as revealed by the results of the senatorial elections held last November. But these amounts still allow Democratic candidates to occupy the space, especially advertising. A win for the Democrats in these two ballots would be an achievement regardless of the level of wealth. A victory in particular would allow Democrats to control both houses of Congress, which could make it a lot easier for Joe Biden, who is contesting the presidency. Work on January 20: Read: United States: Hardly confirmed his election, Biden is set out again in Senate campaign

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