The EU Vaccine “Indiscriminate” as German Vaccine Accepts “Better to Stay in the UK”

Vaccine launches in the UK continued to progress well with vaccination to around 30 million people. Amid tensions between the European Union and the United Kingdom over the distribution of vaccines, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen threatened to stop the export of supplements to Britain. “I could be wrong,” he joked yesterday as he said he “did not know of any of the UK-exported vaccines” – and added that “he expected his transparency.”

In Germany, only 60% of the AstraZeneca vaccine dose was used to reach the country.

66-year-old Chancellor Angela Merkel, who faces increasing criticism for dealing with the epidemic, said she would personally accept the AstraZeneca vaccine when it was her turn.

As the country is blocking, Stephanie Polgen, editor-in-chief of the German newspaper Die Welt in London, told the Chopper Politics Podcast that she is now happy to be in the UK.

Ms Pozen told the podcast that she was considering leaving Britain for the UK around this time last year, as Britain struggled to control the epidemic.

She also admitted that she was “scared” by the rise in cases in Britain.

However, he recently stated that he currently prefers to live in the UK than in Germany because the rapid launch of the vaccine inspires the hope that an end to the epidemic is likely.

He said: “A year ago, I remember the days here in London and my fear of learning that the British health system, despite my skills in certain things, would be overwhelmed.

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“Now, a year later, I have received the vaccine and it looks like we will return to life in the UK as slowly as before.”

“When they are in Germany, they get stuck again and the vaccine launch is still very slow. People are so frustrated and angry. Now, I like to live here in London”.

Pulzan also commented on the vaccine crisis in Europe and said that Ms. von der Leyen’s criticism in Britain does not occur in Germany.

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From a European point of view, you might say: “Why does the UK expect to send bioentech vaccines from Europeans, and they are spreading so well, so well … but anything in return from Europeans to the UK Why not get it? It’s on fire? “

Telegraph journalist and podcast host Christopher Hope wondered if this was because Britain was contracting faster than the European Union.

Poulzen said that AstraZeneca is keeping this secret.

The reporter said: “That’s it, so why not AstraZeneca’s answer?

“I interviewed CEO Pascal Soriott and he did not answer the question, and people repeatedly ask AstraZeneca to be transparent about it and they don’t.”

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