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The European Union (EU) will finance the acquisition of essential maritime security equipment for the benefit of the 12 coastal states of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), indicates a press release from the regional commission.

The note indicates that the EU has “committed to release $5.4 million for the acquisition of 30 rigid-hulled boats (RHIBs) which will be delivered to the target states”.

“Maritime insecurity has long been one of the most persistent and difficult threats to maritime communities and economic prosperity in West Africa,” said Abdourahman Dieng, Head of the Regional Security Division of ECOWAS.

It should be remembered that the coastal countries “have their continental positions that surround the Gulf of Guinea”. For the International Maritime Bureau (IBM), it is the riskiest area in the world for maritime navigation.

Already in 2020, the organization indicated in a report that “95% of worldwide acts of piracy and kidnapping were reported in the region”.

Nigeria is the country indexed in the document to often act as a rear base for armed groups operating in the region. But since then he has been engaged in the fight against pirates. This has made it possible to achieve a certain lull in its waters as well as in the waters of the Gulf in 2021.

EU funding should make it possible to “strengthen water security off the Gulf of Guinea, restore confidence in shipping companies and restart regional trade”, welcomes ECOWAS.

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