The EU is working towards establishing an “adequate minimum wage”

The European Union is moving towards the establishment of a law to ensure an “adequate minimum wage” in the EU.

The Council of the European Union, which represents 27, has just agreed on a proposal from the European Commission concerning the establishment of common law on an adequate minimum wage in the EU. This green light gives the Council Presidency the mandate to negotiate with the European Parliament. Now both the Council and the European Parliament will have to agree on a final text.

According to the bill, which aims to improve living and working conditions, it seeks to promote adequate levels of the legal minimum wage and collective bargaining for wage fixation, as well as to promote effective access to the protections provided by for’ is about setting up a framework. Minimum wage”.

“Work must be paid. We cannot accept that people who put all their energy into their work still live in poverty and cannot have a decent standard of living. This law aims to achieve this goal. will be a major step towards achieving this,” replied the Slovenian Minister of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Janez Siglar Kralj, who holds the rotating presidency of the European Union in the country.

In its text, the Council notes that countries that have a higher share of workers under collective agreements have lower proportions of low-wage workers and higher minimum wages than those where rates of coverage are weak. This is why the ministers agreed that countries should promote capacity building of social partners to participate in collective bargaining.

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In order to promote the adequacy of the statutory minimum wage and, thus, to guarantee good working and living conditions, Member States that have a statutory minimum wage shall establish a procedural framework for setting and updating these minimum wages. Responsible for the installation. A set of stable and clear criteria. Statutory Minimum Wage will be updated regularly and in good time. Their amount can also be optimized by the automatic indexing mechanism.

The Ministers also agreed on a number of measures aimed at improving the effective access of workers to the protections offered by the minimum wage, who are entitled to the minimum wage: Appropriate control and oversight, on the protections provided by the minimum wage Easily accessible information, a reminder of applicable rules relating to public contracts, the right to compensation and sanctions for employers who do not respect the rules.

The accepted text also provides that member states must monitor the coverage and adequacy of the minimum wage. In addition, they will be invited to submit information to the European Commission every two years on the rate of coverage of collective bargaining, the level of the statutory minimum wage and the share of workers they cover.

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