The Essential Christmas Pudding, Our Yule Log Equivalent


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UK, have christmas puddingEquivalent to the Yule log. This Dried fruit and wine cake adorns the Christmas tables of 25 million Britons.

Prince George also has a hand in the dough for Christmas pudding. Being surrounded by his family, he upholds this century-old British custom. Feather This Cake With Sweet And Salty Base, Dried Fruits And Rum, 14 . invented inI Century has become the main dessert on Christmas tables in the UK, eaten only on Christmas Day. During the annual Christmas Pudding Race in London, the British prefer it in singles, giant or sporty portions.

To make real Christmas pudding, “We need brown sugar, butter, breadcrumbs, eggs”, explains pastry chef Nikhil Vyas of “Taj 51 Buckingham Gate”. You also need dried fruits, beer, rum, brandy, orange juice, sugar syrup. In total, 13 elements that represent Jesus and his 12 apostles. Every year, 25 million Christmas puddings decorate the Christmas tables of the British.

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