The Elimination of Lucy, the Return of Lillian and Thibaut, Episode 10 Summary

TOP CHEF 2022. The Top Chef Brigade was completely reorganized this Thursday, April 21, 2022, and two former candidates sign their big comeback. Recap and Notes.

[Mis à jour le 21 avril 2022 à 23h40] Unsurprisingly, Top Chef was aired this Thursday, April 21, 2022, on M6. Episode 10 marked many upheavals for the viewers. Helen Darroz, absent for personal reasons, is temporarily replaced by the Red Brigade’s head chef, Pascal Barbot. It was also time to reorganize the brigade in Episode 10 of Top Chef. Two former candidates have returned to the contest to try to regain their place in the competition: Lillian, who left two weeks earlier for personal reasons, and Thibaut, who finished last. They tackled the potato-themed brigade, a challenge from chef Heston Blumenthal.

The incident was particularly complicated for Glenn Weil’s team, as Lucie and Arnaud did not agree on the recipe. The first has trouble digesting that their idea of ​​a mashed volcano has not been upheld, and the two cannot communicate despite Glenn Viall’s revolt at the end of this trial. At the end of the tasting, Heston Blumenthal decides to qualify Lillian, who takes his place in Paul Pirate’s team, and Mikel and Pascal, who would not have left Philipp Echebest’s brigade.

The second test of episode 10 of Top Chef leads to a new reorganization of the brigade. Supported by Gilles Goujon, Arnaud, Lucie, Thibaut, Wilfred and Lewis compete on the theme of citrus. It will then be the chef de brigade who will choose their favorite dishes and the candidates to remain in the competition. Faced with bets and accumulated fatigue, Arnaud breaks down and falls into tears as he goes through his plan of action. This will not prevent her from qualifying like Louise, Thibaut and Wilfred, as it is ultimately the achievement of Lucie who is not selected. It is eliminated at the end of this episode. 10. The reorganized brigades are now as follows:

  • Paul Pieretta’s Brigade : Lillian and Wilfred
  • Philipp Echebest’s Brigade : Michael and Pascal
  • Glen Viall’s Brigade : Arnaud and Sebastian
  • Hélène Darroze/Pascal Barbot’s Brigade louisa
  • lone candidate : thibault
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Top Chef is a Wednesday night TV show. The 2022 season began on February 16 and will probably end in May, as is usually the case. Each new episode is searchable on M6 starting at 9:10 p.m. Wednesdays. Site . But it’s also possible to find Top Chef in replays the day after it airs.

Fifteen candidates have been selected to compete in Season 13 of Top Chef. In particular, there are 12 men, three women, including 3 Belgian citizens. This season’s standout candidates are Renaud, who participated in Top Chef Season 1, Lillian, a young chef whose dream of opening a gastronomic restaurant was shattered by the coronavirus and who has since become a supermarket manager, Thibaut , which has a green star. , or Luis, the chef of his own restaurant in Portugal, whose preparation does not lack for original ideas. Discover pictures of Top Chef candidates by clicking here.

Since the creation of Top Chef, the show’s jury has evolved from season to season, with some chefs leaving the show and replacing them with new names from the French culinary scene. For the 2022 season, Philippe Echebest (Blue Brigade), Helen Daroz (Red Brigade) and Paul Pirate (Purple Brigade) are returning to the jury. For his part, Top Chef’s emblematic juror Michelle Sarran announced that he would not return to the show in 2022 by decision of production. He has been replaced by Glenn Weil, who has appeared several times on the M6 ​​show as a guest conductor.

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During a press conference introducing the new season of Top Chef, we were able to discover the role that Glenn Weil will play this year. The chefs of Ostau restaurant in Baumannier (Box-de-Provence) will train the orange brigade. Stephen Rotenberg commented, “He has every intention of blowing it all up. He arrived with energy and a willingness to do very hard”. Glenn Viall explains that he was not specifically asked to be on the jury of Top Chef 2022, he was approached by the production. “Of course, I jumped at the chance, he recalls. It’s a competition that’s well-regarded, well-watched, with the world’s greatest chefs coming to participate. Much of my philanthropy and was greeted with kindness.”

Top Chef viewers discovered a new juror during the 2022 season. If Philippe Echebest, Helen Daroz and Paul Pirate are still present, Michelle Saran has been dropped from the program. The latter called for the production option without reason: “It was a bit violent, recalls the chef from Toulouse in an interview with Paris last September. I didn’t expect it at all. I wondered why his decision inspired me.” Did I? Did I do wrong? I got no answer.” He is replaced by Glenn Weil, who, according to Telly Loisir’s information, did not fail to contact his predecessor prior to filming for corrections.

During a press conference in January 2022, Stephen Rotenberg outlines the next season of Top Chef. He summarizes it in these words: “A new promotion astonishing in character on the one hand, and a pantheon of great cooks on the other”. In the guest chef already announced for this 2022 edition, we mention Alexandre Gauthier, Chosen Chef of the Year 2016, Claire Smith, the first woman in the United Kingdom to win three stars, Dominic Crain, the first three Michelin star chef. The United States, or even Pia Leone, was voted the best chef in the world in 2021.

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On June 9, 2021, Mohamed Sheikh became the winner of Season 12 of Top Chef. The candidate, who conducted the entire contest under Helen Darroz’s mentorship, faced Sarah from Paul Pirate’s brigade during the final. He won 54.86% of the vote against 45.14% for Sarah, giving him a profit of 54,860 euros. At 28, this young chef has never hidden that he hails from a popular suburb of the Paris area (Fontaine-sous-Bois), and struggles to find a place for himself in the middle. , He has worked notably with several starred chefs such as Eric Frechon. He has also worked at prestigious restaurants such as Royal Monceau or Shangri-La. Since the start of the competition, Mohamed was part of Helen Daroz’s team.

Each new episode of Top Chef is available the day after it airs. Simply connect to 6play, M6’s replay service, to find episodes. However it is available for a limited time so it is recommended that you do not delay before catching up. It’s possible to watch Top Chef in replays on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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