The Elder Scrolls 6: 12 things that will happen before the game’s release

You wonder, we wonder, everyone wonders: but when the heck The Elder Scrolls 6 Will he come out? Nearly 10 Years After Excellent Release (But Pressed To The Last Drop) Skyrim, the question is valid.

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One thing is certain, since the title’s announcement at E3 in 2018, Bethesda has been skimpy on the details. Studio boss Todd Howard, however, is (partially) out of his silence about the upcoming Elder Scrolls Giving an interesting interview to the British daily This Tuesday Wire.

In it, Howard specifically mentions that the sequel to Skyrim will use the same graphics engine as starfield, Creation Engine 2, which the team is currently working on.

“It’s kind of new core technology. Most of our development work is done on starfield Right now, but everyone is working on everything, so the projects kind of intersect,” he explained.

However, a few lines later the Bethesda leader dealt a blow to those who were expecting to see The Elder Scrolls 6 Land in the middle near horizon.

According to Howard, RPGs will thus always be in the “design” phase.

In other words, the latter confirms that Bethesda is primarily investing its efforts at this time. starfield, is scheduled to release on November 11, 2022. and in doing so, developingThe Elder Scrolls 6 Clearly moving at tortoise’s speed.

Note, this isn’t a bad thing either. A longer gestation period only leads to better sports. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s very likely.

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Of course, to lower your expectations (even more), we’ve sculpted a short list of things that are likely to happen first. The Elder Scrolls 6 Comes on Shelves:

  1. COVID-19 will be a very distant memory.
  2. The Canadians would have won three more Stanley Cups under the leadership of Cole Caufield, who would serve as head coach.
  3. Microsoft is going to launch four new consoles, one of which is called the Xbox Box X.
  4. The author of these lines is going to be a grandfather. For your information, let us tell you that he is not a father yet and his partner is not pregnant at the moment.
  5. Manhattan Island would have been transformed into an underwater city.
  6. Will begin to be available in PlayStation 5 stores.
  7. Donald Trump Jr. is going to be the President of the United States of America.
  8. Elon Musk will lead a colony of 25 million colonists to Mars.
  9. A microwave that manages to heat both the middle and side of the plate would have been invented.
  10. We’re finally going to have clothes that have the appearance of aluminum foil.
  11. Men will live on love and then there will be no suffering.
  12. Rockstar Games to be unveiled Grand Theft Auto 6.

In short, we have to be patient. We hope you are ready.

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