The difference between PS5 and PS4 games is said to be the most difficult puzzle of the next-gen

Forget your hall-of-fame puzzle games like The Witness, because telling the difference between the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 titles could most likely be the next-gen rape. First, we can offer some sympathy to Sony here: this could not be an easy problem to solve. The PlayStation Store has a lot of headlines and some of them now have PS5 and PS4 versions. These are all managed separately: many have free upgrades, some don’t – it’s complicated. To make matters worse, you may own some release on a physical disc.

Well, as soon as this warning goes out, obviously the Japanese giants have some work to do here. No stretch of the imagination it’s not a disaster, the gray matter doesn’t take long to figure out how it works. So, let us explain: both consoles have a unified PS store profile with the same key industry and information of cross-byte titles as Assassin’s Creed. However, there is a page for the PS5 version and a page for the PS4 version.

You can actually toggle between these. If you click on the ellipse next to the play button, you’ll see a link to the game page for the reverse version. So, in this example, we chose the PS5 version of Planet Coaster: the console version, but we can jump to the PS4 version if we want:

PS5 PS4 version Toggles 1

Another way to do this, as shown by Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, game icons and press Options > Game version. In this case, we clicked on the PS5 version, so we can go to the hub for the PS4 version if we want. You may have two copies of the same game installed on your console, which is obviously going to be huge for trophy hunters:

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PS5 PS4 version Toggles 2

The problem is that it took us about two weeks to figure it all out, and we don’t think the device works well when you’re watching the PS5 game and when you’re watching the PS4 game. Truth be told, the system includes extra text to detect PS4 software but we consider more prominent platform logos that will make it clearer what you’re browsing.

These all become overly complicated when you insert a PS4 disk sert. Sony made the process mostly non-stop but we still consider it could be even better. So, when you pop on Blu-ray for an upgradeable game, its icon will appear in your main menu. You can copy that game and play it through backwards compatibility, or you can claim and download free upgrades from the PS Store. The problem is, in our case with No Man’s Sky it downloads the PS5 version and then finishes installing the PS4 copy.

It’s not the end of things in the world, it will flow a little less than we expected. It’s manageable and we’ve mostly surrounded the head Quicks, but we think some clear visual detection can clear it up. Most notably, we’ll add more prominent PS5 and PS4 logos to each game, so what you see is always clean. Most likely, future firmware updates will help.

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