The Deag: The Netflix Film Review

Dig There is a fine English film which is one of the major archaeological discoveries found in the region of the United Kingdom.

Moira Buffini’s script is based on the work of John Preston, just before the start of World War II. A rich widow hires an amateur archaeologist to excavate large mounds on her land. The pair would then allow elements to be updated that would suggest that the English Middle Ages were not so deep and uncomplicated.

The story had a considerable impact at the time and was surrounded by a certain aura, after revealing events and strong choices made by the widow. The feature film is an opportunity to reorganize the memory of this inseparable treasure hunter, an ordinary man who had no studies, in the pre-war world, therefore considered insignificant by virtue of his position , Never was. The name associated with this discovery and, unfortunately, its true value was not recognized until a few years ago.

Simon Stone’s achievement is very enjoyable. It mainly focuses on the house where the wealthy heir resides and on the magnificent landscape where the excavations take place. The building and location are indeed very beautiful and the reconstruction of the environment, helped by the very beautiful work on the decoration of Maria Jorkovic, has been done very carefully. This allows us to feel a certain surprise when the treasures brought to light over time are revealed before our eyes.

Alice Babies’ costumes and Mike Ellie’s stunning photography, shown to us, add a lot of charm. We have the notion of truly immersing ourselves in the heart of the last century, especially the hierarchy of time well respected and recalling the class system and women’s place in pre-war society.

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Stephen Gregory’s music is really fun to listen to. This is accompanied by excavating sequences of surprisingly occasional reflective passages and one-touch tasks until the final contemplation.

The film also touches on many other subjects, such as war, disease, love and work. But with this interlocking of stories for the main plot centered on an archaeological treasure hunt, the work loses little by its force and is thinned over the water course.

The explanation is very good. Ralph Fiennes is notable as a man of the people, completely devoted to his passion. He illuminates the film with his silent presence and forms a formidable duo with Carey Mulligan, as impeccable as a widow with a steel character with whom he shares the desire for this discovery. Archie Barnes is touching as a young son of this. Johnny Flynn is interesting as the heir’s cousin. Lily James is well known as a young archaeologist and Ben Chaplin and Ken Stott are very impartial as messengers to the British Museum.

Dig A good film that allows two people to focus on a very beautiful discovery involving a passion for archeology. With a poignant story, beautiful direction, superb actors, and a particularly well-aired pre-war atmosphere, the feature film is not only enjoyable, but very interesting to watch.

Sociable and amazing.


A wealthy widow hires an amateur archaeologist to locate a burial on her property. They then discover an ancient Saxon funeral vessel and its treasure that could reverse the history of mankind. Together, they must live together in front of the British Museum, which intends to seize the vessel by claiming this discovery …

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From John Preston’s novel.

The trailer

technical sheet

- Movie duration: 1 J 52
- original title : Dig
- Release Date: 29/01/2021
- Director: Simon stone
- Author: Moira Buffini By the work of John preston
- Interpretes: Ralph Fennes, Carey Mulligan, Lily James, Arsher Ali, Johnny Flynn, Ben Chaplin, Ken Stott, Monica Dolan, Archie Barnes
- Photography: Mike elle
- Montage: John harris
- music: Stephen Gregory
- Costumes: Alice Babies
- Dcors: Maria Jorkovich
- the creator: Carolyn Blackwood, Murray Ferguson, Gabrielle Tana, Ellie Wood cast Netflix
- Distributor: Netflix france


- official site
- IMDb



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