The day Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom

Arriving in front of Abhay at 11 am, he finds a compact crowd who has come to see him. Inside, there are more than 8,000 guests, who are waiting for members of the royal family, members of the international elite, but also heads of state, members of the British government … No more than thirty cameraman among the guests, filming the entire rite from the inside.

Religious ceremony, which was required 15 days of rehearsal, Begins as an entry into Elizabeth II. In the end, she will be crowned queen.

Before the altar, the queen takes the coronation oath, promising to submit to her judgments according to law and justice, to protect the Protestant religion and to protect the Church of England, to rule all those countries They also take oaths which they have obligations according to them. Law and customs.

Then, seated on the Coronation Chair of King Edward, he received the consecration of the Archbishop of Canbury. He then hands it to the two royal receptors, the orb and the cloak. He holds the crown over his head, before the assembly becomes famous: “God save the queen.”

Big absent from the event, King’s stomach, Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor and uncle of Elizabeth IIDispleased with the clan since refusing to wear the crown in favor of his love affair with divorced American Wallis Simpson.

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