The cruel king and the great hero arrived by chance in 2022

Traditional story-type RPGs The Cruel King and the Great Hero to the West, NIS America has announced.

The wait is worth it! We already fell in love when the title was announced for Japan. Nippon Ichi confirms he will come cruel king and great hero In the West, for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch. And the wait will be a few months. It will land in our region in early 2022.

NIS America is now kind enough to announce it and offer us limited physical versions of the title. These are split into a real version for $59.99 that includes the game, artbook, digital soundtrack, and a hero plush toy. The Treasure Trove version, on the other hand, adds a puzzle and another plushie of the Dragon King to the already summaries.

If someone vaguely knows the title and can’t finish figuring it out, it could be because of a slight change in name. In Japan, the title was billed as evil king and great hero. This is just a change of two adjectives, but be careful not to confuse the two.

The Cruel King and the Great Hero is the story of a young boy who aspires to be a hero. He does not see his adoptive father, a cruel and miserable dragon, as a demon. However, if you follow the path of righteousness, fate will lead you to face it. This story can only end in tragedy.

The title is distinguished by a unique visual style. To accompany this, we have turn-based RPG-like fights with the protagonist’s small group of friends. It sounds like a short title and with a tight tenor, but with a lot at its heart to tell. We are looking forward to the full adventure.

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