The Critically Case – Fire of All Noise, Episode 2

Dominic tries to reason with his neighbor. No result. Both mastiffs sleep in a shelter adjacent to Critelli’s house. This, according to their owner, is “the only way to protect them from bad weather”. Whether pedestrian or vehicle passes by and the noise starts again. Exhausted, resigned, Father Critelli could no longer count his sleepless nights. Saturday November 7, 1981, night has already fallen, the subdivision is surprisingly quiet. Dominic will have to go to Gironde early tomorrow morning. So he decides to move on by going to bed earlier than usual. The forties sink easily into the first sleep when half an hour later, two dogs start barking loudly. And for good reason. His lord has some friends over for dinner. Enraged, Critelli gets out of bed like a devil. He looks behind the shutter: Undoubtedly, the exam begins again.

bark too much

“Ah, it totally gets done while dogs bark at the top of their lungs!” », he angrily. It is said that Calabrians are warm-blooded, which would demonstrate this. In pajamas and slippers, the forty-something descends the stairs of his house before heading to his living room where he grabs his rifle. It’s 8:30 at night. In Dulux, the opposite, it speaks loudly, it laughs, the atmosphere seems festive, even as the two dogs continue their concert of barking incessantly. Son Duluk is shocked by this noise. Is there an intruder in the garden? Mirror in hand, he opens the living room door and looks outside, followed by his young wife Therese. It’s drama now! One, then two, then three, then four blasts were heard. The young man collapses like a mass, mortally wounded. His wife takes turns falling down. Robert, one of the guests will have better luck. He calls for help: “Come on, two are dead!” “.

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