The creative director of Stadia says streamers should pay publishers

After a three-day “Good Staff” announcement, Google has started trending on Twitter following a tweet from Stadia Games and Entertainment Creative Director recommending that streamers pay game studios one percent of their earnings.

For the first time we heard about Stadia, Google’s still young game-streaming service, the ability to easily stream your gameplay to a service like YouTube Gaming or Twitch has been sold as one of the main focus and benefits. Although live streaming on YouTube has not yet been launched, Stadia has slowly ramped up exclusive features for streamers like Crowd Choice, which YouTube stream viewers poll to decide what happens next.

Alex Hutchinson, creative director of Montreal Studios at Stadia Games and Entertainment, took to Twitter this afternoon as part of the acquisition of Stadia Typhoon Studios – tweeted about the current state of game streaming. As it stands, many creators fear the possibility of removing their content due to copyright based on their music.

Taking the idea one step further, Hutchinson suggested that streamers should fear “they shouldn’t even pay for streaming games.” His proposed solution is that streamers should pay one percent of their revenue to the publisher of each game.

Almost immediately, this tweet has received a wide range of gaming and streaming communities. Overall, the responses were not positive.

Within hours, Hutchinson’s handful of tweets received an average of 10,000 tweets on Twitter, surpassing the total number of retweets attached. GoogleStadia Full tweets from the three-day “Good Staff” event – currently under 2,000 retweets. “Stadia” has become a trending topic in the United States as a result of intense discussion on Twitter.

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Some members of the streaming community, such as Dr. Desperate and Gothalian, hinted at Hutchinson’s position as “creative director of Google Studios.”

Others shared examples of how streaming has had a positive impact on sales, such as a game that exploded in popularity among us in 201, ranging from hundreds of players to thousands.

Games journalist Jason Schreier reminded that staff at individual game studios would not even see any benefit from such a move, as such developers usually do not receive any royalties from their work.

On behalf of Google, a spokesman made the following statement, keeping the company away from Hutchinson’s comments.

Recent tweets from Alex Hutchinson, creative director of Montreal Studios for Stadia Games and Entertainment, do not reflect Stadia, YouTube or Google.

In the same vein, Hutchinson had a Twitter bio Updated later “All opinions are my own.” In the afternoon to include

In addition, “Gaming, Trade, and Immersion”, YouTube’s top Ryan White publisher and streamer shared his own thoughts on more “tolerant relationships” that can be formed and created.

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