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The United Kingdom began a new critical phase in its deconfirmation on Monday, 17 May. The British will now be able to dine inside the restaurant or watch football matches in the stadium.

For the first time in nearly five months, the British were able to locate the inside of their bars and restaurants, Monday, 17 May, as the United Kingdom is beginning a new phase of its disinfection. A blessing for customers who had a substantial portion of these roofs, which were drowned by the rain. “You know how pleasant the British weather is, so we will have more space there and we can go indoors when it rains“, An Englishman rejoices.

This is also good economic news for establishments. Many did not reopen when they returned from the rooftops last month, because they have none, or because most of their business and entertainment is done indoors. This is the case of Bar Ghetto Golf of Birmingham. “We can finally bring all the employees back to work, we are really very happy“, hands over Taza Hussain, Bar Manager

The British can also go on holidays abroad, but there was no rush at the airport on Monday. Only 12 destinations have been authorized, including Portugal and Iceland, as there are good health conditions associated with the Kovid-19 pandemic, and the vaccination campaign is well advanced. Theaters, like theaters, have also resumed their activity. However, the UK government calls for caution due to the Indian version.

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