The Council of Europe calls on France and the United Kingdom to order

The Council of Europe calls for the development of safe and legal access routes within the framework of the Commissioner for Human Rights cooperation between the two countries.

“The United Kingdom and France must ensure that the human rights of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are central to the measures taken to address the issue of channel crossings,” Dunza wrote in letters to the British Home Secretary and the French Home Secretary Mijatovic said.

These missiles follow the sinking of a boat of migrants trying to cross the Channel to England on 24 November: the crash killed at least 27 people.

sadness and despair

Ms Mijatovic, who expresses her “deep sadness” and her “disappointment” at the tragedy, regrets that first reactions often involve repressive measures.

The commissioner underlined that there is currently “no framework that would allow people in France to apply for asylum or invoke the right to stay in the United Kingdom for other reasons. However, if these people had such a possibility, So they will no longer attempt to cross the sea through dangerous and erratic routes.”

“The approach adopted by France and the United Kingdom in terms of cross-channel migration favors the security aspects and therefore worsens the situation by redirecting these people to the most dangerous routes”, she still notes.

guarantee of asylum

Ms Mijatovic called for “ensure access to asylum and the fair treatment of asylum applications, including those crossing the border through irregular channels; effectively coordinating rescue operations at sea; dismissal.” To enforce the guarantees applicable in the situation; and ensure that everyone is treated with respect to humanity and for their dignity”.

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In addition, the commissioner called on both countries not to “unnecessarily politicize” the situation and to fully respect international standards to avoid further tragedies.

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