The coronavirus calculator estimates when you may have been vaccinated

An online calculator can predict when the Scots will be able to get the coronavirus vaccine.

Scientist Steven Wooding explored how far he could stay in Qatar for a possible cure for Covid-19.

He did a lot of searching on the internet to get the answer, but he finally decided to make an omni calculator that gives a rough idea of ​​when the job might be.

The vaccine queue calculator asks Scots about their age, occupation, health status and risk factors before providing various possible dates for the vaccine.

Margaret Keating Care was one of Scotland’s first resident residents earlier this week

It will also give you the minimum and maximum number of people who are ahead in Qatar.

The results provided by the calculator are based on a nine-point priority list issued by the Joint Vaccination and Prevention Committee (JCVI).

Scottish government officials are following instructions from the body to set up its own vaccine distribution program.

The tool will only provide an estimate rather than an accurate calculation of how quickly you can get the job.

A statement on the website reads: “You will see an account that has lined up with the maximum number of people before you to receive the vaccine.

“We also point out how long it can take before we give a vaccine based on the vaccine rate.

“By default, we set these figures based on the vaccine rate of one million vaccines per week and the default makeup rate of 0%%.”

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Tol asks you a wide range of questions before giving you a rough estimate of when you can get this vaccine.

The first jabs were run by NHS Scotland earlier this month in a huge breakthrough in the fight against coronavirus.

People will be contacted by their local health board when it comes time to vaccinate them.

Members of the public are requested to be patient and not to contact the NHS itself.

The first to get the first jack in Scotland are vaccines, health and care workers and the elderly.

Information on the Vaccine Cue Calculator can be found here.

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