The CEO of Ubisoft explains how the company wants to make changes to prevent abuse.

The CEO of Ubisoft explains how the company wants to make changes to prevent abuse.
Ubisoft CEO Yves Gulemot emailed staff today, providing an update on the publisher’s abuse investigation and highlighting “four closely related areas where we need to make rapid improvements.” Ubisoft fired sexual, verbal, and multiple senior staff members. And systemic torture with dismissal. In an email provided to IGN, Guilmot explained the next independent investigation, saying that 2,000 employees attended the audience session, 14,000 responded to the anonymous survey, 100 interviews were conducted and 40 focus groups were held.

Following this monitoring, Ubisoft identified “four closely related areas where we need to make rapid improvements”:

  1. Guarantee a work environment where everyone feels respected and safe.
  2. Putting diversity and inclusion at the center of everything we do.
  3. Focus again and strengthen our HR action.
  4. Make group managers accountable and empower them.

According to Ubisoft’s internal investigation, about 25% of employees “have experienced any experience or evidence of workplace misconduct in the last two years and 1 in 5 is not fully respected or safe in the work environment.”

Ubisoft says it provides mandatory anti-sex and anti-harassment training as well as special support and assistance for staff. Gilmott noted that it has already taken disciplinary action as a result of its internal investigation, but in the future, amending the code of conduct will take effect and move forward.

Ubisoft added that it was “looking for new VPs to complement the editorial team and help create more diverse and inclusive games.”[.]”Ubisoft’s editorial team is responsible for the story and central creative decision for each Ubisoft game and has been criticized for its lack of diversity. The company is also interviewing a head of diversity and inclusion.

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“Some even expressed doubts about our ability to change.” I assure you, these changes will happen and we will take them all together, ā€¯Gillimt concluded.

Matt TM Kim is an IGN reporter.

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