The Central African Republic is short of funds for its municipal elections – Le Magazine du Manger

According to the Central African National Election Authority (ANE), there is a budget shortfall for the holding of municipal elections to be held next September.

In order to hold these elections, ANE must “raise nine billion CFA francs (approximately $15.6 million) from financial partners to conduct this election”.

“We have already raised 1.6 billion CFA francs from the government. We seek the support of partners to fill the gap of 7.4 billion ”said Mathias Mourauba, President of the FCFA, ANE. He, however, assured the progress of raising funds from the international community.

“I want to tell you that after the first session held in Cameroon jointly with the United Nations Development Programme, where we met with six ambassadors, especially from Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Italy, Spain and Japan, a lot of progress was made. is,” he says.

Municipal elections will allow Central Africans for the first time to “choose their mayors who for decades were appointed by decree of the President of the Republic.”

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