The case of Italians arrested as illegal immigrants, detained and expelled from Great Britain

AGI – European citizens were deported and locked in British detection centers, before being deported, for trying to enter the country without a work visa or resident status. European diplomats have expressed concern in the light of cases of citizens staying in the centers for seven days before returning home. It was reported by POLITICO, which claimed that they were At least 30 cases involving German, Greek, Italian, Romanian and Spanish heroes.

European embassies in London gave legal advice and intervened in an effort to reduce the period of detention, although not all EU citizens He sought the support of the consulate.

The majority are young people who have attempted to enter the UK to work as midwives or other odd jobs, as was common when the country was still part of the European Union. In some cases the longer period of detention is partly explained by the fact that, due to travel restrictions for Kovid, fewer flights are available and the UK Home Office should also arrange for a swab before repatriation. However, some European governments have found these “Proportional” delay And they wanted Brussels to take a tough stance towards London.

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