The car is fine to drive without hands by the end of the year in the UK – News

Britain is preparing to regulate hands-free autonomous driving. The Ministry of Transport is working on a modification of the Highway Code, which, if approved, will allow cars to be equipped with the Alks system (Automatic Lane Keeping System), which will be defined as “autonomous driving” Provided they have received a specific homologation and “there is no evidence to question the vehicle’s ability to drive on its own.”
Under the plans established by the Department of Transportation, owners of cars equipped with Elks will be allowed to drive their cars alone on highways at speeds up to 60 km / h, meaning the technology will be reserved for use on congested parts of the motorway.
This important innovation may be operational by the end of the year. This is a way for Britain to catch up with other countries such as the United States and Japan.
Sources in the British Ministry of Transport – we read on AutoExpress – will specify that the government is taking measures “in a very cautious manner”, but the 60 km / h limit may be extended to 112 km / h in the future. .
In this way, the driver will be able to “legally” remove his or her hands from the steering wheel, even if, under any circumstances, he or she must always be prepared to take control of the vehicle. Some cars today are already equipped with this system, but at this time it is illegal practice to remove your hands from the wheel.
According to the ministry, the use of this technology can improve road safety by reducing human error which contributes to more than 85% of accidents.
The ministry is studying the question of liability in the event of accidents with Alks: “We (the government) do not expect the driver to sue, but in any case the other discussion is definitely the case before driving without hands.” But it will open. ” You become legal.

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