The British virus version was also identified in Israel and Northern Ireland.

The new virus variant identified in the UK is a mutation that has recently emerged in South Africa. It is therefore not a completely new version, as described earlier in this live blog.

According to reports, the UK government is imposing a travel ban on those who want to travel from South Africa to Great Britain. Exactly what these measures are, British Health Minister Hancock did not disclose this. However, all those living in South Africa in the last two weeks should be released.

“Some were brought here by different infected people who traveled from South Africa to the United Kingdom,” says correspondent De de Wit. According to the minister, this version has been set for two people.

Both “British” and “South African” mutations appear to be more contagious than the original virus, says Susan Hopkins, director of Public Health England. “We have more evidence for the British version, as we have studied it extensively. We are still learning about the South African version.”

According to Hopkins, the two variants are genetically very different from each other. She expects the current vaccines to work against both variants.

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