The Brexit talks have made good progress, says Ursula von der Lane Politics

Trade and security talks between the UK and the EU are making good progress, with Ursula von der Lane making the most optimistic remarks to date on the status of the Brexit talks.

As the talks moved to Brussels seven days later in London, the European Commission president said: “We are making good progress, but [there are] Two critical issues: level playing field and fishery, [where] We want to see more progress

“We are communicating very closely on an hourly basis because now the discussion has intensified. There are 11 areas in the file that need to be discussed.” Downing Street said last week that the talks were over.

Notable issues are the level of access to British waters, including the UK’s fishing fleet, the rules of fair competition for business, including rules on domestic subsidies, and the provision for final settlement of future disputes.

Speaking after a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Von der Lane said the parties to the talks would work in depth on how to create a debate process that would allow both parties to suspend parts of the agreement. Obligation is a clear violation.

The president of the European Council, Charles Michel, said the status of the talks with Brussels would be assessed in the hope of starting the approval process in mid-November. Boris Johnson would warmly welcome comments after a few weeks of storms.

Trinamool spoke positively about changes to the current terms of Canada’s trade agreement with the EU to ensure that the UK could still benefit after the transition period. 95% duty and quota-free imports under the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada.

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Trudeau said: “There has been a lot of talk over the years about a rollover of CETA between Canada and the EU to be the basis for Canada-EU free trade, and that non-stop transition between Prime Minister Johnson and his predecessor. .

“I think you have heard that the UK is struggling with the complexities of the post-negotiation agreement with the European Union. I can highlight that it is fairly straightforward with Canada and we are certainly very optimistic about the ability to see things go smoothly. “

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