The Bourne Grammar School has been evacuated due to the safety of Lincolnshire police personnel and students. UK | News

Students were taken outside to the playground Bourne Grammar School, Bourne, South Road The parents of one of the students told Rotland and Stamford Mercury around 11am. Lincolnshire Police Inspector Gary Stewart said there were several police officers at the school. He said: “We are responding to an incident at the school and there are several officers at the scene.”

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman later added: “We were at Bourne Grammar School on South Road in Bourne this morning when we received a call after reporting a suspicious phone call to the school this morning.

“Emergency services are present and as a precautionary measure all students and staff of the school have been evacuated safely.

“Members of the public should avoid this area when attending emergency services.

“We continue to communicate with the school.”

Police were advised to keep people away from the area while dealing with the incident.

Heart News East tweeted: ” # Lincolnshire Police are currently present # Born The school is a grammar school after receiving a suspicious phone call.

“As a precautionary measure the building has been evacuated and all students and staff have been evacuated safely and the public must be kept away.”

An eyewitness named Mary, who works at a Jew in South Road, said the emergency services were out of school for more than two hours.

He told Lincolnshire Live: “There have been lots of police cars for about two hours at the school.

“Several customers came to us and they heard that something had happened.

“We just hope everything goes well, because we don’t have much information at the moment.”

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Lincolnshire Police later updated staff and students about the situation

They said the school would be closed for the day.

Police said: “Bourne Grammar School Update: Other emergency services have now left the scene and we are on site with the help of traffic.

“The school has decided to finish early in the school day.

“Children are currently being selected.”

Headteacher Jonathan Maddox sent an email to the parents, which was seen by Lincolnshire Live, saying he had received a phone call that he needed to “remove the school immediately”.

He further said that all the students were safe.

Delaney has collected buses to take students home.

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