The body of a missing woman has been found after a forensic examination in Manchester Park

Police have found a body in search of a missing woman from north Manchester.

Paulina Bernaca went missing early Sunday morning (October 16) at the Abbey Hote in Gorton.

The 26-year-old from North Manchester was last seen on Jetson Street at 1am.

Forensics were photographed in a park in Gorton on Sunday night, as police said they were searching the area as part of an investigation into the missing person.

Police are searching Devdel Park on Sunday evening

Police were filmed at the gateway of Devdel Park on Sunday evening as part of the search.

The body of MS Birnarak is believed to have been found, police confirmed.

The official identity has not been found yet but the woman’s side of the relative has been informed.

His death is not being treated suspiciously.

Police at the entrance to the forest

Investigators told Ms Biernaka that they believed she had gone missing without any money or personal belongings.

Photographs taken from Devdale Park show several forensic officers, some with torches on their heads entering the field.

According to eyewitnesses, the pictures were taken near the lake in a wooden place.

Spotlights were all over the area, which police taped.

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