The Best VPN for Video Streaming: iTop VPN

Do you want to watch some shows that are only available on the US Netflix, or want to stream BBC iPlayer from another location but unable due to geographical restrictions? If so, then you should consider using a VPN to mask your real identity and gain access to specific content that is only available in selected countries.


In addition to Netflix and BBC iPlayer, there are thousands of streaming services out there for the entertainment of people, including HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, Twitch and many more. But the problem here is that due to geo-restrictions, the content available on them is not fully accessible to all users.


An IP address is what enables the content provider to locate and block users who are out of bounds. But since every problem has always a solution, similarly anyone can easily get rid of these unfair restrictions using a VPN service. A VPN masks the user’s real IP address and allows them to access content from around the world.

Intro to iTop VPN

Today, VPNs ( VPN for Windows) are becoming increasingly popular and a vital necessity for the users who want to protect their online privacy and want the freedom of the Internet. But the point here is that out of the many VPN service providers, which one should you trust?, which not only protects your activities from others but also helps you to easily bypass the geo- restricted video streaming services.


Well, in our opinion when it comes to one of the fastest and most secure VPNs, your choice should always be iTop VPN which is a free VPN. Just like any traditional VPN, iTop hides your original IP address in order to protect your online privacy and allows you to access all kinds of content or streaming services available on the Internet anonymously. Whether you use this VPN for free or buy the subscription, in both cases it allows you to have limitless access to encrypted Internet traffic.

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Here are some notable features of iTop VPN.


  • It comes with a kill switch feature that ensures that your true identity will never be revealed even if your internet connection with the VPN is broken.
  • To make your online experience more smoother and faster with VPN, it provides you with 3 connection modes to choose from based on your needs.
  • iTop VPN has 1000+ servers operating in more than 100 countries. With this extensive server coverage, you can connect to almost any country and enjoy video streaming services at extremely high speeds.
  • Its military grade protection helps you ensure that no one from outside will be able to see or track your online activities, browsing history, information or anything else.
  • iTop also offers a No-Log Policy, which means that your personal data or online activities will not be stored or sold to third party companies.
  • It gives you unlimited bandwidth facility through which one can download maximum data and stream as much content as he wants without any data limitation or speed reduction issues.
  • Another notable feature of iTop VPN is that one can use it on 5 different devices simultaneously under one license.

How to Use iTop VPN on Your Windows PC

iTop VPN is compatible with most devices but if you want to use this VPN for PC, then here are some easy steps to follow:

    • Download the iTop VPN which is a best free VPN for Windows from their official website.
    • Double click on the downloaded file to install it. After that, launch the iTop VPN.
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  • Lastly, select any of the server as per your needs and confirm the VPN connection with the internet.

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