The best Black Friday smartphone is still live today

Sales on Black Friday aren’t quite over – it’s still a pretty good time to buy a new phone. You can get good savings on brand new models that have absolutely touched the virtual shelves and snip a few hundred pounds from the old guard.

But as it is the world of phones, all the old still have 2020 mobiles. You won’t find any dated dods below, only high quality Android and iPhone we offer perfectly. We’ve tested all of these deals to make sure you bargained. For more sections – laptops, headphones, etc. – there is a fun-scroll around the full wired editing of the best Black Friday deals.

শা 90 from a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, below to 159: This is a bargain. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro has a huge battery, glass front and rear, a gaming-series Qualcomm processor, fast charging, a solid camera and a large full HD screen. All for 160 160: Hard to beat.

P 30 pixels 4 at 31 319: If you want to get the best phone camera for under 500 500, buy the Pixel 4. This is a relatively new phone from a series that rarely gets big discounts. In the purest form of Android.

Realm 6 is now 62, now 7 187: If you care about fast 90Hz displays and gaming chops, a neat pick – you get fast charging and 128GB of storage, all for less than 200 200.

Get Samsung’s 5G A51 for G 50 below the G379: If you are not bothered by the Galaxy S series flagship S series jokes, then Samsung’s best-selling Galaxy A5 1 should be your next call port. The 5G model is coming down from 42 429 this week.

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OnePlus 8 Pro discounts 200 200, down to 699: OnePlus has probably released an 8 phone since it arrived, but the OnePlus 8 Pro is still the best. Buy it for its superior camera and high-resolution screen. With only 256GB, 12GB RAM version left in stock at the top, you’ll get plenty of phones for 700 700.

The Geomi MI will go down to 30 30, 199 199 without 10 lights: 5G mobile internet, a full HD screen and glass back under 200? The Mi 10 Lite Black Friday is one of the smartest Smart Buy Bat battery life is also great.

্যাম 100 off a Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe, down to 500 500: Samsung Fee (fan version) has released the S20 family as a low-cost alternative to the original S20 phone. The cuts aren’t that cumbersome. This phone has a plastic back instead of a glass, but the internals are top quality. You pay 500 500 for 4G S20F, 600 600 for 5G.

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