The best apps for healthy eating, from shopping to plates

Fresh dishes are welcomed in the summer season. It’s a great return to salads and other light dishes. So if you don’t have ideas for great recipes to eat delicious and healthy meals in the coming months, many apps offer to do it for you.

If we really start from the beginning, then with the help of “Yuka” you can start making your choice in the supermarket. The “Yuca” application scans your product’s barcode and decrypts the list of ingredients and nutrients it contains for you. From your supermarket you can see if A product has a high content of sugar, salt, fat, calories or additives.

To make this evaluation more enjoyable, the application notes with three different colored dots. You will see a green dot if the product is excellent or good, an orange dot if it is mediocre, and a red dot if it is poor. The application then provides you with options in case of poor grades. The same concept exists for people on vegan diets, or those who are gluten or lactose intolerant, with an application called “Qualito.”

choose seasonal foods

Beyond the nutritional content of your foods, you can also choose them according to their impact on the planet. “Etiquette” application is useful if you want to know the origin of your fruits or vegetables. Thus, the application lets you know what are seasonal fruits and vegetablesConsidering animal welfare or even what species of fish is at risk.

And if you don’t have much motivation, “Etiquette” also provides you with balanced and healthy recipes for your body and the planet. Thus the application directs your consumption towards seasonal foods low carbon impact, It is also possible to use an “eco-calculator” to calculate the consistency of each recipe. You can get more or less the same service with the “Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables” application.

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once the food is on the plate

Once you’ve made your purchases and finished cooking, you can use the “Foodwiser” app. This will allow you to quickly identify and analyze the contents of your plate in a single picture. With a picture, the application calculates The amount and amount of calories present for each nutrienti.e. protein, carbohydrate, lipid and fiber.

Note that you can combine your physical activity to calculate the required amount of nutrients correctly. There is a paid premium version of this app. For a similar service, you can also turn to the free “Lifesome” app.

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